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Twenty Questions

Do u guys know what ‘Twenty Questions’ is? Its a kind of guessing game where one player is chosen to be the answerer. That person chooses a subject but does not reveal this to the others. The other players have to guess the thing by asking Yes/No questions. But, I’m not writing a post about the game.

Personally I think I ask too many questions. Especially if I meet someone different from me. Different background and mentality. Or maybe different “group” or clique. Or race (vroom vroom) or type.

It really makes me curious why does a person think a certain way. Why does he/she act differently from others? Why does he/she does this. Why doesn’t he/she do this? I tend to challenge and quarrel debate with people on subjects that interest me (which by the way does NOT include politics or religion).

To the point that I tend to be people think I am rude, arrogant, obnoxious and annoying. The fact that I seldom like to lose a debate and don’t know how to back off gracefully doesn’t help. Usually I just end with a “fine” and then silence – yes, i know that is not considered as “exiting gracefully”.

And funny thing is, I don’t do it to everyone I meet, just the few. Well, honestly I think it makes as very interesting conversation.

Just yet another random rambling at 2am..


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