[Twitter] Updates for 6 July 2008

  • The day before d wedding, up and about by 8.30am. Lotsa things to do today #
  • So many things to prepare for a wedding. Would i want to get married? Hehe #
  • Having lunch at wisma merdeka. Dang this place looks exactly the same after 4 yrs #
  • Doing my first ever manicure. Cutting d cuticle is painful #
  • Mondays shld b self pampering days to beat d monday blues. Esok kan my frens wedding. Manatau jumpa laki yg tegap lg ensem dan kaya #
  • – My manicured nails #
  • I went to le meridian kk toilet and it smells like asam! Then there was a crackling plastic sound. Sum1 is eating sumtin sour in d toile … #
  • The standard room in le meridian kk is so nice. note to self, must stay here 1day. kena cari org utk byr dulu. hehe #
  • am at city mall picking up the bouquets and corsages. champagne colourd roses and baby’s breathe. gorgeous! #
  • Rushing to d wedding rehersal at sacred heart cathedral. Its been a long2 day #
  • Today is d wedding! I just woke up. Urgh, hardly had 5 hrs of sleedp #
  • I just found out that the groom’s bro/ best man was asking if im single. LOL! #


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