[Video] Sufiah Yusof’s Confession on Sex

I’m sure by now we’ve all heard about the Sufiah Yusof, the mathematical genius who at the tender age of 13 was offered a place in Oxford, who now is a prostitute for a living. Perhaps the only reason why everyone is so kecoh about it is that she’s has a Malaysian mother (she’s British people, get ur facts right!) and is a Muslim.

Exclusive video interview on her confession about sex after the jump!

Sad isn’t it? Though honestly, anyone who was forced into a freezing room by her father to "sharpen her mental skills" would obviously one day rebel and do the exact opposite of what was expected by her right? For me, the saddest part is not that she is now a prostitute or she loves sex (anyone who has had good sex would love sex. D-uh!) but the fact that she thinks that she can never be in a proper relationship.

All the knowledge and money and education in the world would not be enough to trade for a chance at a proper relationship.

Well, Sufiah, I doubt you’ll read this but among all the blogs and forums that speak negatively of you, here’s hoping that you will be happy in whatever life you lead because even tho ppl will kutuk u, ultimately its you who has to live with the consequences rite? so fuck them! Not literally of course, unless they can pay for the Gucci dresses and clutches that you oh so covet. :P

Here’s something i wrote in one of the forums that I joined about this issue:

i tak faham la apesal org mesia nak kecoh sgt. Dier tu bukan malaysian pon, org british. Dah idup dier, lantak la. Yer, mmg salah dari segi agama (mana2 agama yer, bukan muslim saje) tp nanti siapa yg kena jawab? dia sendiri kan? Kita kat sini plak, dlm hidup kita yg selesa (comfort zone) cepat sgt nak tunjuk2 dan kutuk2.

Pernah tak duduk dan borak ngan pelacur? I mengaku I pernah. Minah ni, muda lagi, dlm 2-3 taun lebih tua dari I. I tanya naper dtg jauh dari indoni. Dier kata, kat indon, dier ada anak satu umor 3 tahun. Ex-suami plak kaki botol & pukul so dier tinggalkan suami. Anak bagi mak ayah jaga. Dia plak takde skills/education, so terpaksa menjual tubuh utk menyara anak & ibubapa.

Kita pernah tak fikir apa yg mendorong mereka utk berbuat demikian. Mungkin dlm kes Sufiah ni sbb tekanan lebihan dari masa dier muda2 dulu. Dier kata dier suka sex dan suka pekerjaan dia. Tp mungkin itu hanyalah satu defense mechanism utk justify actions dier (sedapkan hati sendiri).

Biasa la org mesia, benda2 mcm nie, cepat je bagi pendapat dan bergossip. dah mmg kita nyer adat rasanya

p/s: She looks a tad old for 23, perhaps all the sex is taking a toll?
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