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My new baby & a quiet raya

my perodua viva

I got my new baby – red hot Perodua Viva! Finally! Well I’ve had it for almost a week now, since Thursday (11 Oct) thanks to Azman who rushed the whole process just so I could get it before Raya. Thanks loads! I really like my number plate as well – WQQ then 4 odd numbers after that. My mom is quite happy there are no ‘4’ in the number plate.

The reason why I didnt get a Myvi was because my parents wanted to get a 2nd cheaper car since we already have the Honda. If we were thinking of buying a main car, then a myvi would be good. Plus a Viva is more cost saving in the long run.

So yea, I’ve been really rajin going out lately – esp for movies, thats why there are so many movie reviews i’ve written lately :P The most recent movie I went to watch was The Last Legion with Jef & Ariff who both bullied me.

Raya this year has been really really quiet – even tho I had a week holiday. Its a week past raya and I still hvnt gone to any open houses this year. However I am invited to a few end of this month. Then there’s the Gegar Ria thing to think about. Need to settle the presentation & also the web conferencing. Not to mention the photography session. (I hope I wont be too busy snapping photos of everyone and eventually not having any fun or even participating :()

On a happier note, the Pangkor trip is confirmed. Everyone has paid the 50% deposit (which explains why im broke this month, rm90 for Pangkor, rm70 for gegar) and all 10+1 of us are going – Pam, Me, G, Sonic, Aree, Jef, Ariff, Nik, Craig, Arai + Taufan. Looking forward to having tons of fun there.


perspektif permainan
One of my newest submissions, lets hope this gets good criticism reviews

Tomorrow (Saturday) I have a DFJJ Meetup at KLCC this afternoon. Im still wondering if i should go or not coz im rather shy and everyone else is like such a professional photographer. But I need to go get my shirt from omar and I have met a few of them during the Rumpun so Im still considering.


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