Waiting for results

Woke up so miserably late this afternoon!! that’s coz I was only sleeping at 5.30 am. Hehehe! Was watching anime – “Wolf’s Rain”. Kinda nice…one of the main character is so cute!! Sounds like I’m falling for animated characters now….pathetic isn’t it? Haha…nah, juz admire him. Haven’t been this interested in anime for almost 2 years now.

My mom is pestering me to work. but since I’m not sure whether I’m giong to take supp and I’m not sure whether we’re moving to another state in January, I told her dat its impossible to work for only 1/2 month in Dec. But she still insists….So I juz go…”ya ya” but dun do anything…hehehe….

I went out to CB (Coffee Bean ahh, not Cherrie Berries) and ate a really really nice cake!!! White choc, milk choc and dark choc in a chilled cheese cake….so nice!! ahahha!

My results are coming out in about 8 hours….and I’m worried I wont pass!! Or I might have to go backto the uni to take supplementary paper.

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