what is that?!?!?!

1 Mar , 2006  

My mom came into my room today and dumped this thing on my table and asked me to eat it. And i was like “Eeee…what is that?!?!?!”

and i was saying : no way am i goin to eat that!!
and my mom said : juz eat laa
me : yea but wat the heck is it?
mom : juz take the outer shell off
me: eww…is it edible
mom : yes..just eat
me : ewww
mom : come on..try it
me : ewwww
mom : its nice
me : ewwwww
mom : never seen a thing like it before ya?
me : ewwwwwwwwwww….so geli

I decided to take a small nibble and it tasted kinda sweet then i instantly knew what it was.

asam jawa rupanya!! :P (that’s tamarind to you overseas folks). I’ve never seen it in its orginal form. We usually get it in packet form and it tastes more sour.

Honestly, it looks like pieces of shit :|

6 Responses

  1. gue nagak says:

    yo!!! the first pic look scary!! heheheh…i know the buah..but never taste it.. :D

  2. langsat says:

    kelapa ais..
    buah tuh best
    aku kat kelantan nih asyikmakan benda tuh ja
    rm 5 hinggit satu plastik
    ko nak ke lagi?

  3. aku ler eLoZ says:

    gelak aje bole tak? hehehehe..

    p/s- umah aku pong ada gak asam jawa jenis yang macam nih. Satu kotak lagi..maklum ler ada owang yang ngidap makan mende2 masam2 manis masin..payau..wekk..tak sodap lahh

  4. Deejay says:

    Looks like kacang tanah …

  5. purenpassion says:

    heheheh kelantan punya manis sedap

  6. purenpassion says:

    sedap tu especially dari kealntan

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