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What I’ve been up to in the past week

  1. I said I had no money, but the other day I was at Ikano with mom and I bought pink kitten (i.e. short) heels from Vincci. So cheap…bout rm15 only. Also went to FOS and bought an orange top bout rm20.
  2. Repaired my sleeping clock. I used to go online chatting till 7-8am, then go to bed, waking at 7-8pm. Yeah I know, absolutely terrible. But now i go to bed around midnight (or slightly earlier) and get up around 8.30-9am. Which i think is such a big improvement :P The dark circles under my eyes haven’t dissapeared tho :(
  3. Did some spring cleaning of my room, especially koreking under the katil and finding all kinds of odds and ends, bits of my own hair, dusty books, a sock, coins, etc. Wiped my computer table floor.
  4. Replaced my hd with one that my fren oh-so-kindly gave to me (thanks! muahhh…you kno who u are) and fixed up my PC – reformatting, downloading and reinstalling all porn/hentai programs and games applications.
  5. Oh, I found out why I haven’t been getting comments in my blog because i misstyped the settings – had a good laugh at Farah commenting a couple of times coz she tot it didnt show up. Anyway it’s all fixed now. Please comment a lot a lot
  6. I finally managed to gantung my shells beaded curtain which I bought from Sabah early this year. It was so cheap there. Had a bit of dad’s help to drill holes for the curtain rail from where else? IKEA.
  7. Currently stuck playing this game RuneScape. Its similar to games like neverwinter nights and icewind dale. But online, so you dont have to download anything, juz play it on the browser.
  8. Tried out the Spicy Beef Foldover at McDs – I know…so lambat baru nak try – and it was ok. Sauce was a bit too spicy and too much but the beef and cheese was yummylicious.
  9. Yea i guess that’s about it :D

Oh, im going to be in genting this weekend. Staying over one night to go to “A night with Jim Brickman” concert. Sooo cheap. only RM133 for rooms and Tier 2 tickets (valued at RM80 each). Im goin with aaron. whoopiee doo :P


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