wheee….i P-A-S-S-E-D!!

I passed all my results. Was hoping for an A in IT but i probably made a lot of careless mistakes during my finals. Business was never my forte so im kinda happy with that result.

Here’s my results in full :

Module Code: DSS0106
Module Name: Design Studies
Result: A-
Module Code: ENG0102
Module Name: English Intermediate
Result: EXP
Module Code: ICP0105
Module Name: C Programming
Result: EXP
Module Code: ITB0104
Module Name: Business Management
Result: C+
Module Code: ITT0103
Module Name: Basis of Information Technology
Result: B
Module Code: MTH0101
Module Name: Mathematics
Result: EXP

EXP = Exempted. Im exempted from some subjects because I took them before.
Current mood: Happy wappy
Now Listening to: “Tangled up in me”by Skye Sweetnam – cant u see i want u by the way i push u away?


  • IcedNyior

    erin: thanks sweety. I kno you’re goinna do well. Hope things will start looking up for you

    Omar: yeah I must try harder next time. Im pretty happy wif the mediocre results because I had a hard time adjusting coz i started my sem right after i moved. But next semester would show better results :D

  • Orion

    hey gurl…congrats!! Me here still waiting for my results and am freaking out. As u already know, i need A’s to survive to the next day. So happy for u!!!

  • Anak Dagang

    Congrats Coco. Next time cuba aim untuk semuanya A lak.
    Jangan lupa avg. pengajian tinggi di US, kalau nak dapat A 90 ke atas. B =80-89 and so on. tak ada A+ atau B+ nya biasanya. Tapi jgn risau coco, achievable. not saying it’s easy tapi, kena study juga. Kat M’sia for some reason system dia lain skit.. still achievable. In other words, kat memana pegi kalo nak dapat A, still kena study hard n smart. Abg Om.

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