When Friends Get Annoying Part I

At the risk of blowing my own horn, I’m just going to make this perasan statement. I’m known (I think) for being willing to help friends when they are in need. Well, as long as its not menyusahkan me or out of the way (like for example asking me to pick u up from SS2 to lepak kat Cineleisure – helo! Im not a taxi).

But then, there are times when some friends, or should I say “friends” – with extra emphasis on the inverted commas – tend to take advantage of that.

Case Study One

My friend is from one of the northern states in Semenanjung. He decided to look for a job here and got attached with a telco line in Customer Service. His training was in TTDI at first so he asked me to look for a place for him around that area. I think that TTDI is a bit hard to find a lowcost housing because its mostly families and condos.

So I scouted out furthur, around uptown and SS2 area. The bad part is, he doesn’t have transport so I had to look for a place accessible by bus with as little bus changing as possible. So after emailing people and asking about room conditions and all, I got this really nice place in Uptown, less than 300 and very near the bus station, food stalls, laundry & 7E. So I told him about it but he complained about the high deposit (2.5 mths + half mth utilities). I gave him the number to call, and ask him to call them anyway.

BUT, he didn’t call straight away. He only called a few days after that and then tells me that the room is not available. I said “I told you so.” In addition to that, he wanted to meet up on the weekend to go room hunting. I said I was not free. Then he said try and look summore.

Ok fine. His loss for not getting that room. So he started working and had to travel from Setapak (his aunt’s place) to TTDI everyday. Thats not my fault is it. Then he got moved to KJ for training. Then he had the nerve to text me asking if I could find him a place in KJ, but for one month only. Oh and also asked if we could go house hunting over the weekend.

Hello?? Who in Klang Valley rents their place for one month only? How more stupid can u be? Think my weekends are so free is it? I oredi susah payah look for a place for you and u didn’t bother to call. Argh..i was so pissed off that I gave him a piece of my mind.

I don’t mind helping, but whats the point i help you if you don’t even help yourself. Or even think logically?

So called “friend”.

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  • Fat4

    that’s the problem with friends taking advantage. I won’t even proceed with step 1 and you have been kind enough to do that. ban this friend lah ;-) (damm.. no wonder i have less and less friends these days)..

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