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Will this never end??

Friends from KK were planning to go out together today but eventually they didnt call me up. Will this never end? People always do that to me. Why :'(

Oh well, im currently debating whether I should move all my older entries all into Blogger. On second thought, i’d rather not lah. Juz in case blogger loses my older entries. Goinna keep my older blogs a secret, something only I can read and laugh and cry about.

Im not really in the mood to update much so I guess i’d juz reply tag board.

adk77, kalau nak lyric English translation utk Suteki Da Ne, click here.

12/04/2004 03:08 pm

eein:is tt a jap song??? weeee!! drop by to say hi. hehe. neways, thx for tagging me. ­
coconutice : yeah, “Suteki Da Ne” is in Japanese

12/04/2004 12:50 am

coconutice : miss u too dear~!!
12/03/2004 02:03 pm
Jess:cookies cookies cookies…hehehe ­
coconutice: jess, did u get my email? I need ur addy :P
12/03/2004 12:01 pm
kim69:Fi, u got my msg? plz reply me abt it~ thanks!!!
coconutice: Sori, kekurangan credit. i cant really help u coz i myself duno.
12/03/2004 08:19 am
Kak Pah:kubang pasu ilh slh 1 daerah d kedah. jitra pula slh 1 pekan kecil dlm daerah kubang pasu.
coconutice : ooh…i tak pernah pegi Kedah

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