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Win 50+ prizes by nominating your favourite female brands for worthy book

We all have out favourite restaurants, hotels, lepak places, etc but one that is always important for every woman is her favourite female-centric brand – be it her holy grail of products or her sanctuary to pamper herself.

Well Worthy Book (you know, that booklet of coupons that I blogged about 2 years ago – the one that gives you great savings all year around without having to wait for group buying sites) now has this super easy contest to win free stuff!

Its so easy! Nominate your favourite brands’ products and/or services and you might get to win an Instax camera, a movie ticket or Chatime vouchers. Is that easy of what? If you don’t have a photo of it, go grab that favourite moisturizer on your table, or that facial cleanser in your toilet and get snapping!

Here’s how I did mine. Head over to Worthy Book’s Facebook page then click [Like] then click on the “50+ Prizes to WIN!!” box on top. (Or click HERE to instantly go to the contest!). You’ll see the image below

worthybook contest 1

I decided to nominate my current gym Phillip Wain. It’s a female only gym that I’ve been going to for a couple of months now and I love the facilities. Fill in your details (Name, Email & IC) then select a photo. The box on the right is the photo of the entrance to the gym – then give a reason.

worthybook contest 2

Tick the box and press submit.Then you’ll be given a window to share the link with all your friends. Get them to vote so you can have a chance to win some stuff!

worthybook contest 3

Ok now here’s the catch,

Contest ends on 30 November!!

So you only have couple of days to grab that holy grail product, and take photo of it in the most creative way possible. And yes, you can submit MULTIPLE pictures. So get cracking people!

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