Wrong move Youth08

Perhaps you noticed the small banner on the top of my blog to vote for the Malaysian DotCom Youth Awards.

First and foremost, I kinda think that its unfair because its based on a voting system and not a panel of judges to judge the quality, usefulness and design. After all, they were searching for “the very best commercially viable web projects by Malaysian youths”. But nvm about that.

Then I got a call some days back to invite me to the event they are having to give awards to the winners. Then I ask, so do only the winners get invited? and she said, no, everyone gets invited. Then I asked, so did I win anything? Then she checked with someone else and said no. Then I said..then no point for me to go lorr. Not only that, they emailed twice (or more) about that particular event. Aiyo! Once enough la.

To rub MORE salt to the wound, they CC-ed everyone, showing all the emails for the 300++ people in the list. And then, a “thread” started. People started mass replying. All I can say is, thank God for gmail because this is what that email (and all its consequent replies) looks like:


More than 20 emails..and the list goes on and on. Not only that some people even send emails to ask ppl to go to their blog to download stuff, promote their design studios and even promoting skim cepat kaya.

Tsk tsk :/

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