“you have potential”

He : Are u attracted to me?
Me : You….uh…have potential

That’s what I said. I told him that he had potential. How do i explain this? I hope he didnt misinterprete what i said.

By saying a guy has potential, means that i think that he’s bf material. It does NOT necessarily mean that I like him, heavens no, but it means that I am wouldnt mind falling in love with him. And yes, even be his girlfriend IF, and only IF, he asks.

No way would i tell a guy that I like him unless he tells me so first. I’ve been hurt way too many times before.

I dont ask for much. I dont judge based on looks. As long as you’re caring and respectful and love me, I’m happy. Looks are secondary compared to matters of the heart. Age is also not a barrier…as long as ur not more than 10 years older lah :P

Oh oh, one more thing. I’m not cheap. Holding hands is normal. But if you want more, I must make sure ur intentions are serious. Im not some girl that you pick up for a one night stand then throw away the next day. WTF? Even prostitutes get paid


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