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My streamyx is up again..yay!! and (as everyone who knows me well knows) the way i celebrate is to be online from the first day its fixed until the next day.

Was having some really censored conversation with a guy friend at early this morning. Read on:

{after a censored conversation}
bob : ermm
bob : ..
bob : what ur real name arr actually
bob : punya lama chat haram x tau nama betui
bob : =))
me : apalak connection nama i ngan censored topic kita arinie? :
bob : yer la senang nak jerit =))
bob : its coming its coming…{your name here} =))
me : =))
me : bangang!!
me : :P
bob : hahhahaa
bob : adehh sakit pewoot nie =))
me : nama I Fiona *******
me : panggil memana pun boleh
me : u plak?
bob : so Its Coming !!! Fiona *******!!!!
bob : camtue ler kena jerit erk
me : damn..pelik sial..hahahaha
Im supposed to have full classes today. java programming 9-11am, English 1.o0-3pm & Database 3-5pm. My database lecturer told us 2 days ago that thr wont be classes today so Im supposed to finish at six. Went for Java and it was only an introduction class which lasted around half and hour or so. Then waited around for the English class and it was cancelled due to lack of classrooms (some subjects were clashing). Bloody hell!! I might as well stay at home and sleep today, especially since I didnt sleep last night. Really wasting my time only!!

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