Youreka! with Bunkface, Malay Mail Relaunch Party & Sanctuary

What a packed night I had on Wednesday. See the post title also so long. haha!

First was the Yahoo! Youreka! Party at KL Live (formally where ruums club was). Its my first time in KL Live (or even ruums, for that matter). Its a really nice open space perfect for events with a huge hall with a stage. The VIP/Media area was at an upper deck.

Best part about the VIP area is the finger food and of course free drinks! Woot! Martell and Beer, cheesesticks, salad, pasta, cakes, etc.

youreka bunkfaceJJ & Ean from were emcee-ing. Bunkface was the opening act. They opened with Welcome to the Bunkshow, followed by Prom Queen and some other songs. Oh, and of course they sang Through my Window. Its my first time seeing them live. They were awesome & full of energy. Great performance.

Pic courtesy of Ogilvy

There were also a bunch of contestants for the Youreka! contest who had to compete to win the grand prize of the MacBook Air. One of the eliminations was playing Musical Chairs. Yea. “Totally” original.

youreka wall

Youreka! also had this wall where you can spray paint with stencils. What they didn’t realize was that the smells got too overwhelming so they had to stop it. They did have lotsa swag to give away. Which was nice :D. At any case, didn’t stay long. Had to leave for yet another party that night.

Drinks : 1 glass beer + 2 glasses Martell Coke

Malay Mail Re-launch Party

Now this is what I would call a PARTY! I came later so I missed the entertainment. Famous and familiar faces everywhere. All the who’s who of Kuala Lumpur was there. Go see Klubbkidd’s blog to see all the femes “celepets” because I swear that I wouldn’t recognize any if they were standing right in front of me. Well, I don’t watch TV, sorry.

Was happily stationed near the open bar outside The Pressroom (eh, never noticed that was there. did it just open?) and La Bodega. Even CoffeeBean was cordoned off for the party. Left Bangsar Shopping Center around 1ish I think?

At this time I had already consumed roughly 2 glasses Dewars ale, 1 glass 42 Below (vodka) ale, 1 glass bombay sapphire (gin) ale & 1 glass Bacardi Limon sprite

Went to see Charlene in Sanctuary, Curve. Played a bit of pool, rambling nonsence and had 2 shots of tequila and a Black Label + Ginger ale. Somehow managed to reach home and padam instantly.

Needless to say, I’m feeling damn sluggish today. Still had to go to work this morning tho. Sigh. I need sleeepppp.

Edit: i forgot to upload pics of the goodie bags – which are usually the best part of all events. LOL
goodie bag mmailgoodie bag youreka

Left: Malay Mail Goodie bag – RapidKL Cap, Naza Kia 2010 planner, brochures & Portable phone charger
Right: Youreka! Goodie bag – Adidas Socks, T-shirt, Fan, Bangle, Lanyard, stencil & Yahoo! folder with press release

Note to self: Don’t forgot to eat before drinking. And drink lotsa water before sleeping

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