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Did get to add much the last time i added a weblog. hehe…Recap a few days

Sun : was tired (coz went clubbin d nite b4) but had to wake up early for the SMS Hunt. Was in Parkson whole day. Someone belanja me lunch….one of my “grandsons”…(very very long & complicated story) ehehhe! Went to eat Thai food wif the CV team after a hard day’s work. Damn…laugh so much until my stomach hurts like hell and tears were coming out of my eyes…laughing bout dirty jokes of course. Muahahhahah

Someone asked me if i was okay…..coz he noticed dat i looked sick the past week (i was).Wah! Someone actually noticed…a guy lagitu. No, im not dat desperate or craving for attention. Juz dat i feel happy when someone is concerned bout me or appreciates wat i did.


Mon : [Happy Birthday BAL~!!] Went for supper at 1 am wif Bal and other frens. Accidently order Mamak Mee which was too pedas for me…cant really eat hot food at nite coz it aggrevates my nose. So had a terrible flu in the morning….littered the floor with srunched-up,mucus-filled piles of tissue when i ‘salah aim’ and didnt manage to throw the tissue into the dustbin..Haha! Rach complained about it after that tho. :P Sowiee…So couldnt go to class at 10 am.

Crashed Bal’s place at nite. Had really great fun. Never ever laughed as much as I did dat nite and Sun nite during dinner. A bunch of us girls managed to break his bed…haha…of course we blamed Gretch (a small-sized cute gal) coz she was the last one on. LOL!! Everyone enjoyed themselves….(esp d bday boy i hope :P)

Aite….probably nuff for now…


Oh yeah….the bathrooms sometimes dont have hooks on the inside of the door so the girls on my floor cant hang their clothes inside and have to drape everything on the top of the door instead. Once i took my friend’s clothes and put it near the bathroom entrance so she would have to go look for it in her towel…Muahahha!!!

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