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16th July, 5.30 pm

I had an interesting time yesterday nite. A friend of mine came down from Kelantan and we went meronggeng-ing. Walked from Bkt Bintang to Bangkok Jazz-not to mention we got lost too. And it was raining cats and dogs so we got so wet and it was cold. Brr…that’s the last time I’m going to walk around in the pouring rain smack in the middle of KL. It was fun tho – walking in the rain I mean. Bangkok Jazz is a nice quiet place with the DJ playing soothing jazz songs, especially my favourite – Sway by Michael Bublè. My friend actually knows the DJ so we could request what songs we liked.

Well we were hoping for a quiet nite just to drink but there was this bunch of hinese guys at the next table who kept ‘yam seng’-ing so it was kinda noisy but still nice. Had 2-3 jugs of tiger between 3 of us. My fren kept insisting I should drink a “girlie drink” because beer is for MEN. So I had a kahlua+milk
(yummy and sweet) and vodka+ribena (not nice…tasted funny). Actually i was asking for absolute vodka kurant (which is berry infused vodka – very sweet smelling) but the lady got it wrong i guess. Oh well.

After that, we got sick of all that jazz and went to 7E and got more drinks – 4 tins each. My friend was pretty impressed by then. It was the first time we went drinking together. After we tipsy tipsy owedi, we went to sleep. I keep waking up in the middle of the night so I was pretty tired. Then at 11.30 am, we woke up, then went to have lunch. I had Garlic naan and tandoori chicken somewhere opposite Lowyat.

After that i went to KJ LRT station then went to Ikano by taxi. The taxi driver didnt kno where it I had to show the way. Then he got a call on his hp and I heard him speak Sabah malay. So that explains why he doesnt kno the roads. So i asked him if he was from Sabah. Then I pasang my Sabah Malay and explained that I stayed in Sabah for 7 yrs before but Im Sarawakian. Then he said he was from Sepilok but his family is staying in Putatan. After that he gave me a discount on my taxi fare…less than a dollar difference but every cent is money la.
Oh yea, I checked my results and found out that I credited all my subjects. 1A, 2Bs and 2Cs. The Cs are business subjects, the A is Webtech. My parents are pleased. Yay! So next is my first year degree :D

Im now going back home (im in Ikano for almost 3 hours already) and take a MUCH NEEDED REST. My eyes are red from lack of sleep and I feel a bit dehydrated and pening coz Im tired. Ciou!

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