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2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Schedule in Malaysia Time (GMT +8)


07/07 02:30 Cape Town Uruguay 2:3 (1:1) Netherlands
08/07 02:30 Durban Germany vs Spain


11/07 02:30 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth Uruguay vs L62


12/07 02:30 Johannesburg Netherlands vs W62

20101worldcuplogoWatching the World Cup on RTM? Get the screening times for the matches showing here.

Yes! Its that time of the year again. I must say that it feels like ages since the last World Cup. All for the love of the beautiful game, and this time in South Africa. At 10.00pm tonight Malaysian Time (GMT+8) the first match will be kicking off with South Africa and Mexico from Team A will be meeting at the field.


Edit 6 July: I noticed the last (final) match, I got the time wrong. Sorry!

As what I did previously with the EURO cup, here’s a full schedule of the FULL match schedule according to Malaysian time, the groups and also the venues for each match.You can also get the match schedule at the official FIFA page but I didn’t like it because it was sorted by groups, not the date. So which team are you supporting this year?

Edit : 6.45 Friday – realized that some of the dates were a bit off. Fixed and re-uploaded. Sorry for the confusion

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Thanks for all the RTs. Shortlink for this article/blogpost is :

Watching the World Cup on RTM? Get the screening times for the matches showing here.



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