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Twenty one oredi

Happy birthday to me :D Im officially 21 today, legally able to hv consenting sex, vote, drink alcohol, enter clubs (even tho i’ve been doin that for the past 5 yrs) but honestly, to everyone else, its just another normal day.

But for me, its a day that I smile to myself because I kno that the most important thing is that I have had 21 wonderful years on this earth, have met the most amazing people who are now my greatest friends, I have learnt the most profound things, and I have learnt so much more about myself (particularly in the past year).

I was looking back at my old posts – hv look at 2005’s and 2004’s birthday blogpost – then I realized that its been two years plus since I first moved to KL. If you asked me in 2004 where I would be in two years I would have never predicted where I am now. I was a messed up kid then, forced to move here. Had to get used to the new surroundings, the people, the collage, the course. I absolutely hated it here – the jam, the coldness of the people, the dirtiness of the air, the noise, the rushing here and there – but after a while it grows on you. And it may not be perfect, but its a nice place to stay.

My birthday party this year on the 16th was the best I ever had. Thanks guys! So sorry I couldnt invite everyone (my initial list was about 60++ people but had to cut it down due to budgeting and space – i dont think everyone can fit in my house – reasons).

This year i hope to start writing again – all my poems and blog posts – and I also hope to actually start making money off my part-time project which im struggling to get started. And I need to go out more often instead of juz memerap kat umah. And I need to get serious about my schoolwork (slacked off the past few weeks).

Well…have a great day and a fantastic week people! muah muah!


I want prezzies!! Seriously, I would love gift certificates for Borders. I wanna buy new books!

Mesej khas buat JoePerantau : Present i mana? belated pon takpe..i sanggup tunggu


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