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3ds max rendering error :(

3ds max 6 error
Click to see a bigger pic

Haih~~ Im almost finishing my 3d project and decided to test out the rendering to see how long it will take. Then I find out that it crashes everytime I want to render it as a video (either AVI or MOV). Probably because I’m using the pirated version, I don’t know.

Im trying to complete it ASAP (sometime this afternoon) and then I’ll send it to a friend of mine who will try to render it for me. But I’m not really sure of what version he’s using and he can’t promise to deliver it on time (I need it by Tuesday for my presentation).

Worst come to the worst, I’ll probably have to render it frame by frame then find some kinda software to create it into an avi – much like stock motion animation. Sucks!


On another note, I always thought that independance was an intergrated part of me and that I wont be a needy gf. But when I know he’s going outstation, I feel weird. I don’t know how to explain it. Its just weird. He feels bad going. But I want him to go. He needs to go because he has things to do. It’ll be selfish and bad for me to deny him that. I understand everything rationally. And usually, I would even give a second thought about this kinda things.

I don’t know where this irrational feelings come from. I mean, I leave him all the time – Phuket last January, Jakarta this coming June (this one not confirmed yet), KK this coming July, and somewhr – most probably Koh Phangan – end of this year (still in planning). Maybe its because it the first time he will be away. Or maybe its because i broke it off with my first bf when he balik kampung and was taunting me about the fact that he got married. He has always been taunting me about other girls that he has and it was the last straw. So I called it off there and then, over the phone.

Blergh! I dont halang him going – I understand perfectly the reasons why and I accept it. I just feel weird.

Edit: Worst part is, i cant contact him coz he didn’t bring his phone :(
I don’t have a good feeling about today :(


  • jamesj

    You don’t want to render to video ever all the pros render 1000’s of images using .png or .eps (.png is far better than .jpg and smaller than .eps). Then you compile in Adobe Premiere to create your video.Your crash problem may be due to lack of memory in Windows Xp you are allowed 1.6GB then the system will crash.Or you have too many or too large files in your material maps.
    In the future write what the error is saying and your system specs it would help determine the problem.


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