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…6 am and cant sleep…

I slept the whole day yesterday like till 8pm coz i was feeling feverish (read my phlog on the side). Got up, watched a bit of TV then came online, check my mail, blogged, chat and do other stuff.

I wondered if you noticed the little box “Powered by phlogger“? Its this thing i found on Emy‘s blog (get well soon!!) that lets me sms to update. Meaning that if im away from the computer i can still update a little. So make sure to check it out for updates :D

Oh yeah, so i mentioned about 2 packages which i got. One is from Aaron which wasnt a package but a christmas card with music that was post laju-ed. So sweet. Thanks koko!!

The other one is a pack of cookies from Jess. yeap, she baked em herself. I havent eaten home-baked cookies for years (i mean besides the ones i bake myself). Thanks a lot my dear :D i’ll send u something i bake :D….not sure what i’ll bake yet :P maybe gingerbread. Yeah….most probably gingerbread. its ngam for christmas :D

…links and more links…

I registered for flickr tho I havent uploaded pictures yet. :D hehehe!! I have to resize my pics first. I checked out squarespace – its a bloggy thingy – just to see how it works. If im happy with it, i might move last year’s posts from xanga (i’ve got 2 old blogs over there) because i dont like xanga’s interface. There’s this really cool website where u can draw pictures and sent it to people and they can see the steps u took while drawing it. This is a drawing i did for RBJ.

And here’s an interesting website by Alvin. I like the flipping pages thingy!!! I wish i could do something like that :D


I feel like having hard pretzels….mayb i’ll make some today or tomorrow.

Oh yeah, im goin out for lunch with Sids, Pam & Fudu. Hopefully not Nando’s, its doesnt appeal to me anymore :P

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