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A 15-hr day & driving classes

Last Tuesday I had 9am-5pm classes. AND i stupidly left my hp at home. So couldnt contact anyone but sempat to tell my dad to get my mom to switch off the phone and tell her that i forgot my phone. So left the house around 8am and had straight classes till aroun 4.30 pm. Because erin & nick went back early (they finished classes at 11.30am) I had to wait for 6.30pm to take the Cyberjaya-One Utama bus back.Lepaked in the lab till about 6.20pm then went to wait for the bus. It was raining…then the bus was late. Reached OU about 7.30pm then went to go see my sis who is working at one of the retail stores there. Managed to use her phone and got the news that our car broke down so my mom could not pick me up at that time.Windowshopped for a bit (coz no money) and went to buy the ticket coupon for the Cyberjaya-OU bus – its RM30 for a booklet of 10 coupons, meaning RM3 per trip. Went for dinner at Zuup..been craving for their soups in a bread bowl. Customer service was excellent….but i was the only customer :P Had New England Clam Chowder and water = RM 17 but it was really filling coz of all the bread. Yes i finished it all :P sampai makan mangkuk skali..

After my yummylicious dinner, I juz sat there and lepaked, read magazines till around 10pm coz Gladys was supposed to finish at that time. manatau i tunggu tunggu there for her to finish and she only got off at around 10.30 then we had to wait for the taxi. Finally got home at 11am – FIFTEEN (15) hours after i left the house at 8 am. Was bloody tired..

Had no classes yesterday, so went for driving in the morning with my sister. Was kinda funny to see her mati engine so many times…okla..i’ll admit i did mati engine a few times. Was really bored tho, i even fell asleep at the back of the kancil while waiting for my turn. LOL!


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