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A new look and a new colour

I’ve changed the whole look of the website and added a bit more stuff at the sidebar. Changed the “Your Say” column to match the colour theme…which is blue. Oh yeah, please notify me if this this page loads too slow or if there is any other way to improve it. Like maybe too many posts in one page {Point noted Sids! I’m still trying to adjust the optimum num of posts}

About today, watched the Latte at 8 on 8TV live from Starbucks, Sunway Piramid. Wish I had a car to drive down there but anyway, they had Bernie Chan (sp?) and Seven-Collar T-shirt (at least i think that’s the name of that band). Kinda cool!

Evenstarr is having a concert this Sunday and I wuz so excited about going. However, I just found out that we’re driving down to Tanjung Malim to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday. :'( Noo!!!!!!! I’m still thinking of a good excuse to go. Need to reason with my dad but he’s on a business trip and wont be back until tomorrow or day after. Daymm!! I have to go!! I was telling Silas (the lead singer) that they should inform me if they had a gig in KL….and they did. Their webmaster msged me asking me to go and he even offered to give me a t-shirt if i introduced myself to one of the guys. Hehe!

A lil dissapointed………………….

Oh yeah…i kno wat’s dat guy’s name, the one with Harith, Aflin Shauki….but not sure about the spelling tho.

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