What is PayPerPost?

I met a blogger the other day and who asked if I have been making money from my blog. Upon hearing that I did make rm70 but have yet to cash it out, she said proceeded to tell me that she registered with PPP and makes more money that she thought was possible through blogging. Then i started looking around in my blog network and found out that many people were actually using PPP and actually getting money for it.

Unlike other sponsored post programs, the great thing about PPP is that I could actually choose what I want to write about instead of writing something that I knew nothing about and didn’t like. Not only that, PPP pays its bloggers through PayPal – which is one of the fastest and most secure online transaction system.

There are many different opportunities to choose that includes a range of topics such as hotel reservations, flowers, discount coupons, free calling cards and many more. I knew the type of things my readers (you guys!) would be interested in reading and knowing about and so I chose opportunities accordingly.

So if you’re a blogger and would like to do the same, just click the payperpost button below to start writing about the things that are relevant to you and your readers.


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