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Acha Septriasa in LUCT?

Everyone has been asking me to kirim salam to Acha next semester. Huh? Acha? As in the Acha Septriasa? So I did a bit of googling to find out more about it.

Apparently, the sweet adorable indonesian lass Acha Septriasa is going to start studying in Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) starting Febuary 2008. Popular for her songs such as Berdua Lebih Baik and movies such as My Heart and Love is Cinta she has captured the hearts and eyes of the Indonesian and Malaysian guys public. I personally like her song Sampai Menutup Mata.Wonder what course she’s taking?

First Dafi (of AF5 fame) then Acha. I wonder who’s next? Some famous Botswanian singer? Hehehe :P

Here are some eye candy photos stolen sourced from various places on the web (thanks Google Images :P)

acah irwan 2

I doubt I’ll actually recognize her if she’s in LKW. Haha!

Source of news : Murai

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Edit : I bumped into her during registration.


  • HaRiZ

    waaaaaa…betul ka? die kan baye i cik kak…hahaha…nanti leh la u propose kan die untuk i…erk…x mo la…die dah kene “cret” dengan irwangei….hahhahhah

  • deo

    huh best nya, can I be a student again minus the exams? hahaha.. apsal zaman aku dulu takde artis yg study sekali dgn aku, huh? artis dulu2 lembs kot?! adehhh….

    nanti bila2 bawak acha gi ayam gols lah ek.. hahaha

  • flor

    i see i see..
    she’s so nice and friendly..
    hee.. i meet her tis afternoon in faculty..
    and she dont mind to giv her email, giv her autograph..

  • pinkylynnda

    i der trsrmpk ngn acha kt cmpus…

    x smpt nk tke pic la….
    jeles tgok acha nek pegeot………


  • azleah

    flor, what course she is taking in luct?

    my indonesian friend says she takes dip while our malaysian strongly says she pursue in degree level.

    mcm mn la dia boleh ambil degree terus sedangkan kamek yg seumur dia ni masih terkial-kial ambil pre degree. hebat juga ya sistem pembelajaran di indonesia.

  • IcedNyior

    @ Messi
    Repeat? Ahh..tanak! tanak! hehe

    Wow peugeot. Biasala org femes

    im not sure what course is she taking in LUCT but I heard its dip in something related to tv media. Not too sure

  • flor

    i think she’s taking broadcasting, media and communication.. cause she’s in the same faculty with me.. actually she suppose to be in the same year with me.. but same thing come across to my mind.. she can just jump over everyone one year faster…

  • azleah

    yes, it wonders me. how come she can do it. i think everyone must follow the education rules, i mean step by step. no fast track in studying especially when you need to get the diploma/bachelor degree certificate. it will affect the futures when we lie. oh, btw, i’m a fast track student as well :P hehe.. ala, uitm matriculation aje.

    as what i’ve said previously la kan, sedangkan dia gagal ujian nasional untuk masuk university of indonesia, how come dia boleh nak habis pengajian kat sini dah kan? pelik..pelik..

    i’m not debating her ability, probably she’s a smart person but it sounds weird la when she can pursue for degree level in malaysia without sit any test. kat sini pun nak sambung degree mesti ada matriculation certificate or diploma certificate.

    ermmm… yes nyor, money is power. no more quote “knowledge is power”. money can buy ‘fake’ knowlegde as well. haish..

  • IcedNyior

    I heard its really hard and expensive to get into Uni of Indonesia so thats why most of them come here instead.

    Maybe over there they do A-Levels while over here we only do SPM = which is equivalent to O-Levels only

  • azleah

    You right nyor, “Ijazah” means Degree @ Bachelor, err what else huh, peringkat lebih tinggi selepas diploma lah. Easy to remember :)

    That’s what I’ve read before. Oh God, I hope so the journalist(s) stop this speculation. No need to proude for her. Kehkehkeh..

    Eh, not you. I mean, that guy? girl? who says in same faculty with Acha. Hehe. Sorry, mine is not so good actually either in english or malay language ;)

  • Tya sistiartin

    Aduh..acha..sgt dsyngkn u bubran sm irwansyah.eh..bgmn klo klian rujukan lg az.kan kalian msh pd jomblo..aq bner dukung lho..!!

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