Advertlets Review

Advertlets, the catchy ‘household name’ among bloggers. If you’re a blogger and you have not heard of it, then please get out of your tempurung (coconut shell) and take a peek into the topics that create a buzz in the Malaysian Blogosphere.

Why did I join Advertlets? When i first found out that it was possible to make money through blogs i was sceptical to say the least. Then I found out that some friends were actually making money through blog advertising – but mostly those overseas (which pays through PayPal or other methods not accepted in Malaysia) incur extra costs for handling, transferring the money to a local bank account and service charges.

Secondly is that international blog advertising are more for international (particularly US) readers – selling items such as hammocks and promoting contests in the US – which are not relevant to my (mostly) Malaysian readers.

However, these problems are eliminated with Advertlets because it is a local company and the payment would be easier and the adverts would be aimed towards local readers.

They call themselves Asia’s Better Blog Advertising Network, and not without reason. These are three of the many reasons why I like Advertlets

(1) User Friendly Website – First impressions are everything, so their website is the first step to impress the bloggers and advertisers. It has a very asthetically pleasing look with easy and functional buttons – very user friendly. I love how everything is just a few clicks away. The logo is also cute and the featured blogger showcases the best and interesting bloggers in the Malaysian (and in the future Singaporean) blogosphere.

(2) Local Content – The ads in advertlets are relevant to bloggers in Malaysia. There are currently two advertisers involved with Advertlets. One of which is Mindvalley who were looking to recruit programmers, bloggers, researchers and designers. The other is Digi, the yellow telco provider who wanted to promote their Digi Fu-yoh Street Blast in East Malaysia. More info >>

(3) No Traffic Requirements – Certain other blog advertising services pose restrictions that require that you get at least 20 unique hits a day for a week before the blog is approved. For advertlets, there is ZERO minimum traffic requirements. So even if you are just starting to blog and your blog is not that famous yet, you can participate! More info >>


  • Gan

    Yeah, first they said 100, then boasted that they are better than Nuffnang because Nuffnang needs only 20 per day (?). Then Advertlets drop to 50. Then now only 0. Probably because Nuffnang is signing up more blogs than Advertlets.

  • Freethinker

    I hope it doesn’t offend you. But that is a HUGE misdirection and misperception. If you wanna dig it from my Advertlets archieve, you may pick up some of the old stories before “mega sale” 0 requirements… because that is a very distorting statement. :-)

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