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After that lovey dovey phase

Its been more than a month now. The first month was wonderful you know. That getting to know each other. The lovey-dovey sayang-sayang phase. Its a really exciting time because everything is so new and nice. But what happened after that initial stage?

We’ve been having these little squabbles. Over silly little insignificant things. Things that are not important. I have to admit, it’s mostly on my part. Most of the time he’d give in apologizing.

One simple example : last weekend we were out and we were chit chatting in the car. We were talking when he suddenly cut me off (mencelah) right when I was talking about something. I haven’t even finished my sentence when he just cut me off – not once but twice. I instantly went to silent treatment quiet for about 15-20 minutes. Then I know he felt so bad.

Another example is when he does something I don’t like. So I’ll nicely say that I don’t like him doing it and please don’t do it again. But, he purposely does it again. As if he has to test my limits. I already say don’t do that in a nice tone so don’t do it lah. Grrr…

Anyway, after that rather eventful weekend, we talked about it. He said something like, “Did you notice something? We’re starting to bicker and quarrel about small things.” And I agreed, “Masing2 dah tunjuk belang.”

I guess being in a relationship brings out the best and worst in you. Like how he’s sometimes annoying and bit too soft. Or like how I’m easily irritated and cranky. Its worst when you have opposite traits like how I’m a night person – so I stay up late reading and snacking while he’s snoring away – or how he’s a morning person – so early in the morning when I’m fast asleep and tired (coz I couldn’t sleep the night before) he’d be awake and disturbing me by poking my nose or blowing my face which makes me utterly pissed off. Or it might involved external factors like how my classes are pretty laxed while his work takes up lots of his time.

The best solution (that we’ve found) is talking about it. I think it’s great that we both acknowledge that we’re starting to show our true colors – which isn’t as nice as it originally looks. The thing that we can do about it is to learn more about each other, our likes and dislikes so that we can peacefully coexist. I think its going to be hard (for me especially) because we’re both quite stubborn and dominant- being firstborns. But I think we’ll manage.

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