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Aiya Advertlets..tsk tsk

There was a big hoo haa yesterday about this advertlets problem. Advertlets domain expired on the 3rd and because of that, every blog, forum or website with their ads was automatically redirected to another website.

I woke up around 2-3pm Sunday afternoon (Sundays are for sleeping in ok!) and I was all geared up to write a post that will bring me moolah but I can’t submit it because it keeps redirecting.

So I deleted the advertlets code and wrote a really annoyed post about the issue. But after that it keeps on redirecting even tho i totally cleaned the code in my sidebar. I even tried to disable all my plugins and delete all my themes. Then I tried deleting the newest post I wrote and that seems to have done the trick. Still not really sure why tho – perhaps its a glitch on my WP coz I always have problems deleting posts & adding categories. Weirdness

Finally managed to fix everything by 7ish and since I wanted to this new theme from neutronics, I decided that I might as well just implement the theme. Isn’t this theme REALLY nice? :D Yea the sidebar is still kind of lopsided as of now – one side is longer than the other – but I’ll fix it soon (when im rajin-er).

As of today, the domain is up and running but the problem is not 100% resolved as of yet. I have a feeling that the number of customers will drop after this incident. As for myself, I have been contemplating to remove ads from my blog since last month but I haven’t decided yet.

p/s: tengkiu hafreze for the link :P


Speaking of which, I just got an email saying that my hosting is expires on the 15th of January 2008 and my domain expires on the 18th of May 2008 . Just renewed my hosting using Paypal. I think my domain can wait lah :P


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