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And i walked under a bus, got hit by a train, keep fallin in love which is kinda the same

Too tired to update yesterday so here’s a short review of what happened yesterday:

Tuesday – Very tiring day!!
Had an early class…i mentioned it in my prev post. However, i actually got the time wrong. Apparently it was 2 classes 11-12.30 noon then 1.30-3 pm. The lecturer let us off earlier for the 2nd class so I managed to take the bus. By the time i got home it was 4pm. Rested for like 15 mins (even managed to take a short nap) den went out for something. When i actually got home it wuz around 7.30. So i was out for 12 hrs…since d bus is at 8 am, i had to leave around 7.30. Too tired to blog. Went to sleep early…around 11 sumthing pm.

Nuts man…i wish i had a car… *hopeful*

Wednesday – Boring
I had another 2 classes today….9-11 am and 2.30 – 4.30pm. But the evening class ended at 3 pm for this talk about degree courses. Waited for like 40 mins…but the speaker didnt turn up. Such a frustrating waste of time :S

Oh yes, on the way back i met this interesting gal. She was sitting next to me and her bag was kind of inthe way and that’s how we started talking. Apparently, she’s born in Sarawak, but has moved around and now staying somewhere in Mutiara Damansara – around my area. Her mom’s Pakistan/French and her dad’s Chinese. AND she knows how to talk Sarawak Malay…which is totally different from normal Malay or Semenanjung malay. So we were like yakking all the way back – a 40 min drive. The thing is…i forgot her name. i kno it’s Sarah something…one word but juz cant remember it. So yeah, it was fun :)

Oh oh oh…before i forget. I realized i never had a pic taken with Lola – juz the two of us alone. So i decided to Photoshop us together and add in Grace, my other best friend. Wat do u guys think? Nice? Nice?

Current mood: Carefree
Now Listening to: “Buses & Trains” by Bachelor Girl – And i walked under a bus, got hit by a train, keep fallin in love which is kinda the same. Ive sunked out at sea, crashed my car, got insane. And it felt so good, i wanna do it again.
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