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Another accident with my Viva :(

Yes people, I got into another accident. This time I swear its not my fault! Someone hit the back of my car. I actually had2 TTs (Teh Tarik sessions) to go to yesterday. First one was in PJ at 8.30pm and ironically it was with a group of Vivarians. Then another was meeting some frens in SS2 after that.

So it was around 8.15pm and I was driving near Riana Green (somewhere near Tropicana) traffic light. The light turned green then a taxi suddenly came from the right side, the car in front suddenly stopped and I also suddenly stopped. Manage to miss that car in front.

Then i looked into my rearview mirror and saw this iswara coming towards me quite fast and my first thought was “she’s so going to hit me” right before the impact happened.

I parked at the side and came out of my car and my heart dropped when I saw this:

What a relief when i turned around and saw that my car had minor damage. The back was dented and had scratches at the bumper. the bumper was also mis-aligned with the body.

My parents came, about 3 tow guys came, then her mechanic came and we all went to the police station. Finally finished at around midnight. Was tired and hungry by that time because I was out since 7.00am and havent gone home yet.

So yea, my wheels are in the workshop for a week or so. Sad :(

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