Aree & her Lights

Aree just bought a new place somewhere in Jalan Kuching. Now she’s waiting for the renovations and wiring to be completed before she can move in. She decided to do it all up nicely so its rather extensive. We like to tease her about when is she actually goinna move to her new house. Hehe!

So anyway, she dragged Pam and Arai (poor them :P) and went around for about 2 weeks looking for lights. She was very particular about the kinds of lights she wants. She really wants a chandelier (to hang over her dining table perhaps) and also assortments of lights for the inside and outside (balcony of her house).

Babe, why not just look for light fixtures online to get the basic ideas of designs you want. There are many types of lights here such as your favourite chandeliers and maybe even some home lighting – like those sex lights you always wanted for your bedroom. Hehe!

Go check it out :)

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