assignments done. Happy :D

i feel so relieved that all my work is done already. I had to pass up 4 assignments and do 1 presentation today and i managed to finish all of it on Sunday. My lecturers even puji-ed one of my papers (on racial profiling) and my presentation on video over IP.

Im happy and satisfied with my work. Not to mention, my class was cancelled so I took time to go down to KL and lepak at KLCC, Coffee bean where I’m typing this post now :)

Been so busy lately. On the 17th i had another choir presentation for the launching of the Merdeka month celebrations for the higher institution level. We sang the jalur gemilang song (and also another new song) – luckily we didnt hv to sing the tanggal 31 song. Bad thing is..that jalur gemilang song is still stuck in my head until now :(

A few weeks ago, this guy i just made friends with asked “is your nick online coconut ice?” and i was like “why?”. he said “u have a blog right?” and i was like “yeah :)”. Then some time after that, my classmate also said, “ur a blogger arent u?”. People actually recognize me from my lil pic on the corner with the half covered face.

Oh yeah, i finally got all the furniture in my room and rearranged it to a very nice position. I love my computer table from Ikea (it was on promotion, so it was quite cheap).

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