August Updates

So I guess I kinda failed in my 30 Things in 30 Days challenge. It was a lot more harder than I thought. At one point I had to write 2-3 posts within the same week because of events and movie reviews. I’m trying to get back on track now so hopefully things will get more updated around here.

Life has been so-so lately. Its puasa month here which for some reason means my weekend is packed with buka puasa events. I try to eat at home most nights on weekdays because of that. The traffic in the evening is horrid due to everyone rushing back. Sometimes I feel like I should just stay late in the office to avoid the jam but the other part of me feels like I want to get home early.

Work has been interesting. New changes, new people and more interestingly, new clients. Of course that means having to read up on new things and keep myself updated. Of course not everything is fine and dandy. I can’t really talk much about that but I’m hoping that difficulties will sort themselves up (and soon because its starting to irritate me).

I’ve not been sleeping well lately. Late nights, tossing and turning. Headaches during the day which I highly suspect its because of lack of sleep. Took MC last week because of bad flu so managed to rest somewhat. Anyone have tips on how to sleep early? I seem to get distracted by the computer a lot so Im trying to switch off the PC earlier. Well, I try.

Yea, so I think that’s about it. Taraa!


p/s: I hvnt updated my WP coz I have to download the database and re-create a new one because the mysql version is diff. But im worried something wrong might happen and the whole thing crashes T_T

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