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avatar & results

I got a msg from Ms Pianonee who was so sweet to make me an avatar. Its even in purple colour. Really nice. thanks a lot babe!

My avatar :D

I got my actual results a few days back and I think its okay. I expected to fail my probabiliy and statistics. But i tot i’d do better in multimedia authoring because its assignment based. Anyway, its ok overall lah.

Module : BPROG1203 – Java Programming
Result : A

Module : BCOMM1202 – Business Communication Skills
Result : B

Module : BMATH1203 – Probability & Statistics
Result : B-

Module : BCOMP1203 – Database Systems
Result : B+

Module : BMULT1201 – Multimedia Authoring
Result : C+

Module : BTECH1202 – Principles of Software Engineering
Result : C+


Sorry havent been updating for ages. been busy working on this website and translating project.


Italy wins~!! tak rugi i support them.

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