Back to school

Classes have started today far far away in Cyberjaya (bout 40 mins + 20 mins for jam). So I can go online and start blogging again. Yay! I miss my blog and all my blogging frens *huggles* and I was rotting out of boredom at home. During the holidays it was fun skodenging anak makcik and melepakkan diri @ Mont Kiara ngan poke, jin, max, pand dll yg terlibat (eh..they’re all guys)

I followed Erin and joined the LKW choir and made friends with some freshies. I even met a former uni mate from indonesia. We’re performing for some Merdeka Day Celebration. There are 3 songs, KeranaMu, a song dedicated to our Prime Minister, and another song. My next practice is on Wed morning, 9 am.

It’s the first day of my new semester in degree and so far I’ve had 2 classes. One of my lecturer is actually a Mirian like me. I have 5 subjects so on most days I start at 10 am and finish around 4 pm. This week lots of my classes are cancelled coz it’s the introductory week. There are tons of freshies in Uni, sometimes stopping me to ask where are certain classes or places. Hehe! Half of my class are new students, the rest did their foundation in LKW earlier. In my class of 30 students, only 3 are girls. Looks like this will be an interesting semester. Sadly I don’t have any lab or programming classes but its ok

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