Bazaar Ramadhan Wangsamaju

Have you noticed something lately? Its been a week since puasa and everyone, I mean EVERYONE is talking about food. And a day-to-day diary at that. Eg: “Today I ate A for berbuka, yesterday I ate B for berbuka”

And I don’t blame them. The best part I like about puasa (besides the hari raya open house) is the bazaar ramadhan. On the first or second day of puasa (I can’t remember exactly when), I was in KL with a friend and we didn’t know where to go for dinner so we decided to go to a nearby bazaar.

This bazaar is the one in Wangsamaju. You can see the Jusco in the distance right? The stalls stretch from Jusco all the way to the other end (beyond the right of the photo). I wasn’t really impressed with the selections there. It seems like they were basically selling the same thing. Not much variety. We bought:

  • kuih pelita – it was was a bit runny (watery) but tasted nice and not too sweet.
  • roti john – this is my first time eating a meat-less roti john. I still prefer mine with meat
  • putu piring – not nice. The one in TTDI is still the best ever
  • Dadih coklat – something like chocolate pudding but firmer like jelly
  • Mee goreng – my fren bought this, I don’t really fancy mee goreng
  • Soya bean – with brown sugar syrup. I like :D
  • Did I miss out anything?

Verdict, food just so-so. No much variety. I give it a rating of 3 of 5 stars :/

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