BBQ Party

What did you guys do over the weekend?Pam just came back from Sabah last week, and our usual ritual is to have a makan2 dinner with the fresh seafood she brought back. The previous time, we had a fantastic steamboat dinner and this time we organized a BBQ party.One the menu we had prawn satay, chicken wings, spaghetti, mushroom soup, garlic bread, potatoes **tak jadi** and Mike promised to bring lamb. Marinated the chicken & cooked the spaghetti sauce the night before. Then went for class that afternoon, got back home, cleaned my room, the toilet and the house a little bit then got to cooking.In the beginning things were rather boring coz a few people came really late but after everyone finally arrived and the bottles were opened – we had Bombay Sapphire which is dry gin in a blueish bottle, Absolut Mandarin – orange flavoured vodka and Tequila..not sure what kinda brand it is, my fren gave it to me FOC.Anyway thanks for coming over Mike, Afdzal, Jazzy, Ayman, Taufan, Craig, Fariz (aiyah i forgot about u) & Pam. You guys rock! we should do this more often :DMore pics >> here <<

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