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BBQ Party on Saturday

Dear all (especially kat budak2 tag Joe),

You are cordially invited to my house in Kota Damansara for a BBQ to celebrate my birthday.

Well my actual birthday is on the 25th Sept but since its puasa, I decided to do it a week earlier. The party starts at 7pm, THIS SATURDAY (16th September). Yea i kno kinda last minute. It’ll be fun tho – borak2, makan2 and minum2 (thr’s alcohol for those who are interested).
Those who wants to go, please sms me by Friday nite (you know my number) for directions or email me for the map. I will reply u ASAP.

Muchos gracias,

~ Fiona @ Coco

p/s: What do i want for my bday?

4GB White Ipod Nano, Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Dream, Annick Guittal perfume, mp3 player, 1GB DDR RAM, Books, jewellery, heels, on second thought, get me gift certificates (from Borders or Padini or some other shop), or juz cash la :P No photoframes or mugs please. LOL!! (Mengada tul budak nih!)


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