Bumps, bruises & sprains

I went iceskating yesterday for the first time in my life. I found out im such a klutz on skates. hehe…wuz like hugging the sides moving around the rink and went like halfway before my legs started hurting. But after
that – and after many falls on my butt – I managed to skate a little bit by myself. Hehe…its pretty fun tho. Would definatly do again soon.

Woke up this morning with pain in my upper arms and thighs…..must be coz of all my falls yesterday. hehe! Anyway dats all i can write…nothing much happened this few days.

Oh yeah, i dont have class from Thursday till Tuesday so pretty bored lah.
Current mood: Pain all over my body…ouch!

Now Listening to: “Wait for Me” by Rebecca St James – Darling did you know that I, I dream about you, Waiting for the look in your eyes, When we meet for the first time, Darling did you know that I, I pray about you, Praying that you will hold on, Keep your loving eyes only for me

Recommended : Pei Pan by Ramlee Awang Murshid – A malay novel full of trechery, elaborate plots and an unexpected ending. Second Winner of the Hadiah Sako, an award to “mengenang jasa tokoh penulis yang telah berjuang bersenjatakan ketajaman mata pena demi kemajuan negara dan jagat raya.”

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