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Been busy the past few days

Ahh…sorry for not updating regularly. I’ve been starting school and registering and stuff so here’s a writeup on wat i’ve been up to these few days

Mon :
Went to register in the morning and then rushed back coz dad had a meeting in his office at 1.30 pm. Talked to some lecturers and apparently on of em..Gerald is from Miri too, coz he asked me if i wuz from Sarawak..and i said Yes..then he asked which part and we found out we were both from miri. Then my mom asked him his father’s name (coz practically everyone in Miri knows each other…its a small place) and apparently my dad and his dad are colleagues….freaky….lucky im not taking his class or it’ll be too much of a coincidence. Got my time table today…its something like this

Mon ~> 1pm – 3pm
Tues ~> 11 am – 1 pm
Wed ~> 9-11am, 11am – 1pm & 1.30 -4.30 pm
Thurs ~> NO CLASS
Fri ~> 11am -1pm
Sat ~> 9am – 1pm

If u noticed, i have basically 1 class a day, except Wed but i have one LONG class on Sat….yes….1 class for 4 hours. Its Design Studies. Besides DS, i also take C Programming and Business Management. Three subjects only coz i have advanced standing for the others

Tues :
Went early to LKW campus coz i had orientation. Talks talks talks the whole day and in the afternoon there wuz some ice-breaking session but i skipped it coz i wuz too embaressed to go do it and my fren sitting with me totally refused. So i reached home around 4.30 – 5 pm and went straight to sleep until the next morning. I’ve been waking up extreamly early..around 6.30 am and sleeping around midnight so my body still needs time to adjust.

I forgot to mention i made a new close fren today. I wuz lost while looking for the lecture theater and asked her where it is. Her name’s Laila and she juz moved back to Cyberjaya from Switzerland so she’s pretty cool and uptodate and open minded and fun. So its great that the first person I met is her and we’ve been hanging around often every time we get :) Hehe!

Wed :
Woke up early…and wanted to leave d hse at 8 am but couldnt find my timetable so wuz in a bit of a frenzy looking for it. Finally couldnt find it and i barely made it to class on time. I wuz late actually but the lecturer wuz late as well so it wasnt much of a problem. We were given the course outline and lecturer’s details and bought my Management textbook (RM 65). Den i went to inquire about the busses from Kelana Jaya LRT Station (bout 10 mins from my hse) to LKW and bought a monthly pass for Oct (Rm 140) and 1 week pass for Sept (Rm 35). I missed the tour today around Cyberjaya coz i wanted to go back early instead of waiting till 4-5 pm.

Anyway, i got a big shock today…i wuz sitting in the cafeteria…which btw is really big and wuz debating on whether to eat or not…and i saw a group of guys walking to towards d stage – we have this open stage at the side of the cafeteria…im told sometimes students perform there – and the guy in front looked really familiar…that’s when my jaw dropped…EVENSTARR!! Ahhaa…im not a “groupie” but Im frens with melvin, d drummer, so i walked up to him and he wuz as shocked as i am when I realized. LOL! Anyway, they performed an acoustic gig with 4 songs 2 of which were new…and nice. Cant wait for their next album :)

They’re here for the RTM Rentak Juara – Rythmn of Champions…its a battle of the bands thing and won by SMS so ppl, watch at 9 pm, TV2 or TV1 (im not sure) on Fri nite and vote vote vote!!

Its my off day tomorrow so im goinna sleep

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