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Belated Besday & Selamat Pengantin Baru

Happy belated birthday to Delinn (& sister) dan Alangz boleh lak I lupa nak wishkan aritu? adess

Limah @ Bilal @ Zee graciously invited all of us bebudak tag joe to her kenduri kawin last Saturday. It was my first time :D (goin to a kenduri kawin that is :P) I wasn’t really sure what to wear. Delinn said “jgn pakai baju2 ketat u” :P So i juz decided to wear a light yellow baju kurung – yea same one like last raya in Tampin. But wasnt really sure where to wear the pleats – tanya org pon smua tatau. So juz wore it on the right side :P

The day started off rather kelam-kabutly because as I was waiting for my parents to get back home to send me to the lrt station, they were extreamly late and apparently the car had problems so they had to send it to the workshop. So I had to call I cab to come and my sisters followed because they wanted to go to OU. I was supposed to meet the rest at Setiawangsa at 1pm but of course I couldnt make it (but takpe la..dier org dah biasa kalo I dtg lambat :P LOL!)

Anyway, so many budak2 tag dtg. When I arrived Put, Royce, Delinn, Angah, Alangz, Par (apa ek par punya blog add?) and Lis smua dah seronok dok makan2.

Bilal was sooo pretty that day :D bak kata AngahBilal I tell you, macam pompuan Melayu terakhir. Anggun. Bersimpuh. Seumur hidup, sekali je kot boleh nampak Bilal macam tu!” Green was the theme of the day, so the family members smua pakai ijau, umah pon painted ijau, curtains ijau, Angah dengan baju baru ijau, lis & put oso pakai baju kurung ijau. The food was yummy (cant really elaborate, dun kno the names, juz know how to eat it).

Gang taggers (minus angah) – Pic from Delinn

Soon after that Kong, Arc, Anne & Sempoii sampai. Kong as usual was hiding2 from the flashes of the camera. Arc datang bersolo (rugi ko tak dtg Budak), Anne nampak cantik dan ayu :D dan last sekali Sempoii tiba sbb dier lupa ttg kenduri Bilal. Mmg best jumpa2 ngan org yg dulu nampak kat tagboard je (tapi mmg dah jumpa most of them pon :P)


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