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Berita Harian : Blogger Untung RM 1 Juta (Blogger earns RM 1 Million)

So last sunday, the weekend pullout of Berita Harian called Berita Minggu ran a huge headline titled “Blogger untung RM1 juta” which loosely translates as “Blogger earns RM1 million” and featured a blogger (Mira Abu Bakar frm redmummy) with the caption “Blog saya pernah mencapai jumplah tertinggi kira-kira RM12,000 sebulan” (The highest my blog has gotten is RM12,000 a month).

The full article had quotes from Nicholas Chay, head of Nuffnang Malaysia, Blogger Aimie Harmelia from jejariruncing, gf of Malaysia’s football star – Khairul Fahmi Che Mat – and a Lecturer (Pensyarah Kanan?) from UM’s Media Studies department talking about (in general) how popular blogs can make money and how blogging is part of the Malaysian lifestyle.

Interesting thing to note that along with that article, was another one about how bloggers are also required to pay taxes to the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) under the Income Tax Act (Akta Cukai Pendapatan) 1967, Section 7 where it states that income made online are also subject to taxes.

What I really disliked was how BH sensationalized the piece, giving the impression that a singular blogger made the RM1 million. There was no mention at all in the article(s) about how this number came about. Was it accumulative of all the bloggers? Or one blogger over the course of xx years?

Anyway, I know some people might not have Berita Harian so I have reproduced the article here. Please feel free to share (and link back if possible? :P) Thanks Kazwan for editing the pic for me! Click the image below for a bigger version

Berita Harian Blogger Untung RM1 Juta

I have a feeling that there will be an influx of new bloggers with less-than-desirable quality blogs just so that they can make money. *sigh* What do you think?


  • comeez

    I see it as overselling cum misrepresentation of services such as ads4bucks, nuffnang etc. to entice more bloggers to sign up. In reality, if one truly make RM 100K a month, The tax as at point of collection for the rate is at 26% declared. Should that be not declared, it is up to LHDN to investigate and any undeclared amount will subject to a penalty of 50% per annum surcharge plus RM 500 per offence. (If I can remember correctly)

    The overselling cum misrepresentation done by these companies is damaging to bloggers as this is well beyond the cause of inconveniences to their main dependencies of business – bloggers!

  • blogjunkie

    Thanks for posting the pic! Unfortunately it’s a bit too small to read still – did the featured bloggers say that making real money online is hard work? Otherwise like you say, there’ll be an influx of low quality blogs..

    There are only a handful of bloggers who I consider to be reputable and qualified to talk about making money online. See Darren Rowse from ProBlogger – he publishes his earnings on his blog!

    Speaking of Darren, I’m currently enrolled in his ProBlogger Academy online course. Much more worth it than any ‘ebook rahsia’ or Vemma online MLM that you might see!

    P.S. sorry for all the links!

    • IcedNyior

      Thats interesting David. I’ve seen workshops that go up to the thousands here teaching people how to blog for money.

      The bloggers didnt really mention about how hard it was to write. Just more of a description of their blog and how they had to pay the LHDN.

      By the way, you can click on the image for a bigger (and readable picture) :P

      • Danny Foo

        The ones who charge thousands to teach you how to make money from seminar via seminars will tell you to find and rewrite existing articles out there. Because they recommend you to topics which are higher paid keywords.

        The state of blogging is sad for an evolution. Since it’s all money now.

  • naz

    IMO, if they really want to make money blogging, they have to put VALUE in front, they need to provide VALUE to the reader. if the readers get the VALUE, money will come automatically. Its law of reciprocity, no einstein formula needed. :D

  • Geezer

    I wanna get paid to troll!!

    Seriously, there’s no way that chick makes RM 1mil form that dull blog of hers, regardless of the number of ads she has on it.

    Ladies, if you wanna make a$$ online, get an overseas account (both bank and website), and then make porn videos from home.

    You know you want to….

  • Jejaka

    I wonder if anyone can be a blogger or whether this people were born with it, because I dont think I can attract anyone to my website with my writing.

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