Best Beachwear Ever

Do you know what is the most important trip that I pack on holidays to the beach? Its my Pareo. A Pareo (not paria!) is a big piece of patterned cloth that is so versatile. Its also sometimes called a Sarong or (Beach) Wrap.

I bought my favourite one from Langkawi a few years back, its made from this blue chiffon, see-through like material and is printed with dolphins. Really nice! Then we have two flowery ones, one dark blue and the other dark pink.

The picture above is the Taufan’s paparazzi-like shot which he took while we were in Pangkor. Aree just bought that pareo from a store at the side of the beach, white with dragons. G’s was tied dyed pink – can’t remember where she got it tho.

Want to buy some Sarongs? You can head over to MadGringo and chose from many many different types of sarongs. I particularly like this blue one called Briland Sea Foam.

Looking at a Sarong really makes me feel like going to the beach and just relaxing, with toes in the sand and sitting at the side of the beach wearing shades and a hat. Like the tagline says “Watch more sunsets. Every day there’s one less of them.”


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