Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2012

How could I miss the bookworm event of the year? This year the BBW Book Sale was (is still ongoing actually) at the Mines Convention Center from 8-23 December. This year was special because they decided to open for 24 hours over the weekend.

Decided to head down there with the boys and my sister on the wee hours of Saturday. We left Damansara about 12.30am and headed down to Mines. We got to the vicinity less than an hour later. I was prepared for a lot of people but I didn’t expect to be stuck even before we entered the convention center.


It took us about one hour just to get to the parking. I decided to park inside and got a parking in the basement quite easily. The Convention center was huge! I mean, I saw photos on Facebook (like below) but It was seriously huge.

We browsed for a good 3-4 hours looking at all the books. The hall was spilt approximately halfway between fiction and non fiction books. My method of browsing the books is to walk between the tables while looking right and left to skim through at titles and authors names. I also skipped the romance section as I don’t really read those.


So by 4am, my friends were already starting to queue. And mann was the queue long. It was literally half the hall, yes, even at that time. I joined the queue at about 4.30am and by that time everyone was already a bit bleary eyed. We eventually paid at 5.30am (yes, took us one hour of queuing. It was nuts). We just drove back and went straight to bed. We were literally out from 12ish and only reached home about 6am. that’s about 6 hours in total book shopping. Gosh!


But of course, it was a good deal. This year I picked up only titles that I really wanted to read or authors that I am familiar with and collect their books. All the below books were RM8 each, unless stated

  • Kathy Reichs – 206 Bones, Devil Bones, Virals, Mortal Remains
  • Terry Pratchett – Eric, Unseen Academics & Nation
  • Anchee Min – Empress Orchid & The Last Empress
  • R. A. Salvatore – The Orc King
  • Oscar Wiled – The Picture of Dorian Gray (RM6)
  • Nathaniel Hawthorn – The Scarlet Letter (RM6)
  • Salmon Fishing In the Yemen
  • Dawn of the Dreadfuls
  • Dan Brown – The Lost Symbol (RM10)
  • Nigella Express (RM30)
  • Stephen King – The Dark Towel : The Gunslinger
  • Baking pans X 4 pcs

Got a total of 16 books, 1 cookbook, 4 baking pans = MYR188. Not too bad if I do say so myself. Now to find the time to read…

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