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bizi as usual ler kan?

I got about 6-7 drafts that are half written since i started my holidays. the pangsun trip one oso mcm tulis ala kadar only..too bloody lazy to actually write in detail. Am currently bizi goin out, clubbing every 2 days (at least), eating out quite often (coz frens “dragged” me to go out), and sleeping (what’s new la kan?).

Am currently working but feeling reli lazy on this workbook (buku kerja) for Primary 4 english literature students. Pay’s not that fantastic (and plus i will get it only after the book is published – which is like prolly late 2007) but its a rather interesting job coz I have to keep coming up with fun exercises. Have to send up my first part in 2 days and im only halfway thru it (im sooo screwed).

Like i mentioned earlier, been going lepaking a lot – meeting up with chatters mostly. The favourite hangout is McD Centerpoint, i think i go there at least once a week now. LOL! (bila la nak kurus nih?). Been lepaking at Lotus & Pelita in KL, shah alam, went kareoke-ing at plaza imbi, red box @ curve.

I noticed that i’ve been clubbing and drinking a lot more the past month or so. Especially with Pam, we are such bad influences for each other. LOL! Went to Sugar (at some hotel, i forgot which) to celebrate G’s 18th bday last mth, clubbed at Poppy Garden (opposite rum jungle) with pam’s arab frens, lepaked at Cynna bar, Ivy and Loft (Asian Heritage Row) with Nelson and gang, chilled out at a pub in Dsara with JD and cho tai di (which i kept losing and kept having to drink) and lepak in Planet Hollywood for ladies nite (monday and wednesday) just to have a glass of wine and borak2 while enjoying the live band – which is exactly what i did last monday with pam and nazri (and a digital camera).

Oh, this week im busy renewing my passport so have to go the immigration and what not. God i hate the system here. takes ages. I went yesterday and they ran out of numbers before lunch time so I had to go again this morning around 8am. FInally finished everything right before lunch and that was also coz i got all my forms approved the day before.

I’ll be away from the 17th – 21st dec because Im goin on holiday with my family to Vietnam (my dad has a meeting for 2 days there) so dont miss me too much yea? :* Change of plans, my dad’s meeting was cancelled due to the typhoon.


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