Bling Bling

As many other girls and some guys I love my jewelry. My mom gave me a white gold necklace & a red cubic zicornia (sp?) in silver pendant…I never take it off (coz mesti hilang kalo buka)

The newest addition to my bracelet collection is this bracelet from Bali or Indonesia given to me by Mel :D One thing that I dont like is my jewelry all over the place. So I made a bracelet Tree (?) from a mug holder. And a earring hanger from a photo frame (rm7.90 from IKEA) and some mosquito netting. Looking at this pictures, i realize that i really have a lot of time on my hands :P

Feel free to give me more earrings…i lurve earrings..i like…i like :D

GOing to Zouk tonite!! A friend of mine from Brunei is in KL…yippie doo!! I miss him :D

Going to Gathering tomorrow nite~! See you guys :D
So wont be online till Sunday

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