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Blogger Business Card?

I just remembered something that struck me as kind of interesting.

Last year, I went to the Blogger Booze in Hartamas where I met lots of new and interesting friends like the Gallivanter and Ratu Syura (who turned out to know one of my close friends too – small world).

So there was this one blogger, can’t quite remember who exactly, who was passing out his card. At first I thought it was a business card. But I was wrong, it stated his name and his blog address. And I was like “Wow! Business cards for bloggers! Cool!” Yea it was my first time seeing such a thing.

Then again, it was kind of a good idea. Blogs are a way for people to express their feelings and some bloggers like to know that people actually read their writings. So of course we go around and promote our blog link everywhere.

I usually just put it in my forum signature and ping certain sites but I guess there are also other ways of promoting your blog like using business cards (like that guy did) or buying advertising from other blogs. Perhaps you could also go out on a limb and look around for companies to print custom magnets to give out during blogger meets.

I guess it all boils down to a sense of wanting to be heard. On our blog, we want people to read and hear what we say. How would you promote your blog?


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