Blogs : What’s In A Post?

Wats the REAL reason that you have a blog?

  • As an online journal?
  • As a way to keep in touch?
  • As a way of telling your story?
  • As personal website?
  • Because all your friends are doin it so you wanted too?
If it’s the last one, dont waste ur time bloggin…coz i dont want to waste my time reading. Mayb im being too judgemental…but come on! why waste time on something you arent interested in?

My belles-lettres (go look in my first post what this means) is all about my writings, my feelings, my stand, my thoughts…and most importantly MY life.

*juz felt like ranting {no, not ranting kayu} about the useless ppl who have blogs for useless reasons. No, no, im not necessarily talking about you. THEN AGAIN…..i might*


on to my post for today….

Yesterday nite, I went out for dinner with 2 cousins (alfred & richard) & their families. Richard (whom i have never met) was with his wife, and Alfred was with his wife & 2 sons, Ephraim & Kit. I remembered Ephraim as the lil boy i used to play with back in Miri. He’s all grown up now, 17 years old, tall, deep voice & sitting for his SPMs. Kit was a baby when i last saw him so he’s grown too, 12-13 now.

It was a pretty interesting dinner. Not the types that the parents all talk (mostly about their kids) and the kids juz eat in silence. It was actually fun meeting up with them again. We ate at the Chinese Restaurant in Bukit Jalil Country Club ( not sure of the full name tho) and the food was yummylicious!

Came back, finished printing my IT Project 1 (which i spent the whole night last nite doin – bout 5-6 hrs!! – and the whole of this afternoon trying to print it properly) then laze around and somehow got a really bad flu. As I write, im sneezing non-stop and the dustbin is like full of tissues. Argh….definatly caused by lack of sleep.

Wana go sleep, but my sneezing is making me unable to sleep….


Current mood: Sick!!!
Now Listening to: “Pulangkan” by Misha Omar & Ezad – Pulangkan cinta hatiku, hentikanla menghantuiku, pulangkan oh pulangkanla padaku…
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