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Boots are so hot!

I think that women should start wearing more boots instead off all those strappy, 5-inches-high stilettos that sometimes make them trip after having one drink too many – I saw that once in Mosin TTDI, hilarious. Especially those ankle length cowboy Boots like the ones below, with jeans or just a miniskirt and a sweet baby tee. Cuteness

ankle boots

I have this fren of mine in KK, Mag who is working in tourism. She loves to go hiking and white water rafting. In fact, in the Visit Malaysia posters about Sabah, she’s in the raft in front on the right side. Im sure she’ll love a pair of hiking boots like the one below. She’s getting married in July, perhaps I should get her a pair. Would that be weird? Hiking boots for a wedding gift?

hiking boots

There are many different designs of western boots available which are stylish and can be giving to frens or family who like to wear boots because of their work – such as working on oil rigs – or their hobbies – like buying hiking boots. Not only that, the website also offers free shipping for purchases more than $100 and gift certificates to give as presents for others.

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