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Boss kata translation aku superb!! take that you Cikgu i-dunno-ur-name-but-u-gave-me-a-B3-in-SPM

Last week or so I worked in this research/surveying company doing English to BM translations for RM6/hour. Its NOT as easy as I imagined it to be. I had an english-BM dictionary (to help translate) on one hand, and a BM dictionary (to help find the perfect word) on the other, with a laptop in the middle – running on PIII btw. At first was using a PC that was running on 64MB RAM then i got changed to use the laptop. Spent the whole day doing like 30-40 sumthing questions. Man it was not easy translating all those technical terms to BM, such as – navigational aid system, interactive voice response (tindakbalas interaktif suara).

Anyway, today i was talking with farm (who helped me get the job):
Farmy: weh bos i kata ur translation superb!!
Me: *laughed* okeh..lain kali bayar lah extra! :P
Me: :))
Farmy: chait
Me: this is something i hv to blog about :P
Me: the translation thingy
Farmy: cool
Farmy: yeah [the boss] came in n tanya
Farmy: siapa did it
Farmy: u know my malay kan hampas
Farmy: she said very good n interesting

So take tat SPM marker who gave me a B3 for my SPM. see, i am good in BM :P

Another bit of conv with a friend who put his status as *webcam icon* “View my Black Ass”:

AssMan (12/8/2005 6:29:01 PM): meh tgk wecam kejap nak tanya aje clear ke idak
Me (12/8/2005 6:29:02 PM):omg, ur ass is BLACK?!?
AssMan (12/8/2005 6:29:17 PM): view kejap meh
AssMan (12/8/2005 6:29:34 PM): clear ke?
Me (12/8/2005 6:29:44 PM): nak tgk bontot gak :(
AssMan (12/8/2005 6:30:27 PM): gi ler usha bontot kat starbuck tu
Me (12/8/2005 6:30:34 PM): bontot sini tak best

Something i got off an email…gave me a good laugh:
:: The Cardiologist’s Funeral ::

One of the city’s top cardiac specialists died. At his funeral, his coffin was placed in front of a huge replica of a heart made of red roses. When the pastor finished the sermon and everyone said their good-byes, the large heart opened up, the coffin rolled inside, and the heart closed again. It was a majestic tribute to the much loved cardiologist.

Suddenly, one of the mourners burst into a fit of laughter. Irritated by his insensitivity, the man sitting next to him asked, “Why are you laughing, Mister?”

“I was just thinking about my own funeral,” the man replied. “I’m a gynaecologist”…
Oh but i got this for my birthday from my sisters. Its a coin pouch from Body Shop & MTV to increase awareness on AIDS and HIV. It even comes with a condom {one where got enough?} hidden in the back flap. I love the condom colour and design of cute!

This is the unclear pic i took using my camera phone. U can see the condom on the right…yes..Durex : for better protection. The white/red thingy at the bottom is a leaflet about AIDS and HIV.
Oh and actually i had an extreamly crappy morning – i woke up wonderful but got into an argument with Mom, felt really tired (coz couldnt sleep last nite) and i look and felt like shit. But well, many amusing things happened so I guess my day turned out ok

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